Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Win Rockefeller, Arkansas Governor, '67-'71

You never know what will pop up as a coincidence...Barry Bac sent me an audio clip for Governor Win Rockefeller from the 1966 election campaign...and I just happened to pick up a March 1967 Reader's Digest and read the article, "Big Rock of Little Rock".  Unfortunately, Reader's Digest doesn't archive anything this far back on the Web (that I could find), so if anyone wants a copy of the article, I'll be glad to furnish one.  Why do I have such an old Reader's Digest?  I like old books and magazines....

Nonetheless, it, and an article I found on Encyclopedia of Arkansas differ somewhat.  Reader's Digest's version was condensed from Time Magazine and seems to evoke more warmth, while the EoA was more impersonal, in my opinion.

Governor Rockefeller has been mentioned here on this blog a couple of times in passing...and, from what I've read, was a gentleman in many ways.  He'd put up part of his own personal fortune to fund many things within Arkansas in the effort to bring progress and upscale change to the state.  When he passed away in 1973 from pancreatic cancer, his ashes were buried on Petit Jean Mountain, his home where Winrock Farms was located.  His personal fortune still benefits Arkansas today through a charitable trust and the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.

There are several more references to Arkansa's 37th governor, but I'll let this one suffice, since it has several other links.  Audio of a campaign is to follow....

 KAAY Ad: "Democrats for Win Rockefeller '66":  stream  |  download

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