Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jim Pitcock

Little has been said here of Jim Pitcock, who was "Ron Owens" from 1963-1964, and as "Ken Knight" at another undetermined date (I'll have to check this further...mentioned in A.J.'s blog on 9/17/2006- bs).  When JFK was shot, he helped write a news special in about two hours, with all the staff jumping in on the effort.  This tape has been reported as being lost, however.

Jim worked as "Ron Owens" and doubled as Santa Claus during KAAY's "Christmas in August".  This was a contest where residents of Little Rock were encouraged to put up signs in their yards with "KAAY 1090" on them, and the best sign garnered a prize.  Nothing that I've researched so far mentioned what those prizes were.  Here is a picture of Jim in his Santa suit, sans stuffing (probably due to the heat!):

If those Santa suits were like todays, they're mighty hot...I've "played" Santa many times over the last 10 years or so and my own suit, as well as borrowed suits, were HOT, even in cold weather!

Here are some other pictures of Jim in the studio:

Can you believe it? RECORDS!  VINYL!  Here, it was explained that Jim is reaching for a cart, which played announcements and commercials.  This is the KAAY control room on the second floor of the Channel 11 (KTHV) building, from 1963.

Left to right, here (also in the Channel 11 building control room) Jim is pictured with Bobby Vee (recording artist, Liberty label) and Stan Lewis (record promoter), but not THE Stan Lewis we've mentioned here of Stan's Record Shop.  As of 2006, Bobby Vee was still on tour and was an attraction in Branson, MO.

(sources: A.J.'s blog...thank you, A.J., where ever you are!)

Here's a fairly current article from the ArkTimes on Jim Pitcock:

We plan to do some more "retro" postings here, just to refresh the memories and maybe make other memories resurface...stories, anyone?

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  1. Jim, of course, is from a famous broadcast family. He had two brothers who were well-known TV personalities in Tulsa.