Friday, March 12, 2010

The Late Pernell Roberts Revisited

Note to all:

Awhile back Bud posted the notice of Pernell Roberts death.  Here are my memories of actually meeting the man during my time in California.  It was the Summer of 1964:
Living in California, as I did in the early 60's when I was acting, you'd run into those who'd "made it" quite often. That happened alot when I was living in Hollywood.

I was living in the Highland Towers Apts., just a quarter mile from the Hollywood Bowl, and a few blocks up the street from Hollywood Blvd. On the corner, right next to the Apts., was a large 24 hr. Hughes Supermarket.

You could see many "stars" in and out of the Hughes since they also had a fanastic news rack on the premises, and enough food to feed the entire State of California.

One morning I was coming home late from a date with my girlfriend, Sandy, a Pasadena Playhouse grad who was acting locally and living at the then-famous Hollywood Studio Club for a giant dorm for budding actresses, and a very cool place.

Anyway, it was about 2am and I needed to pick up something for breakfast. So, I went into Hughes, and was "making a left" piloting my basket around a corner, when wheeling his basket coming from the opposite direction was another customer. Our carts hit each other briefly, and then I looked to see who it was...and it was Pernell Roberts.

I smiled, he smiled back and I introduced myself and told him that I really appreciated his work, and that I had just finished a year at the Playhouse and was living right next door to the market. He wished me luck, said that "Bonanza" was back in production and that he was also picking up a few things before he went home.

Then his wife joined us, he introduced me, and I said I'd best get finished and let them shop in privacy. He said that it was no problem at all, was nice meeting me, and we continued on our separate ways.

As I walked out onto the parking lot there were only a few cars there at that time of the morning. One of them was a brand new blue '64 Corvette convertible with the top down. Since "Bonanaza's" main sponsor at the time was Chevrolet, I didn't have to guess whose it was.

Nice man, great voice, excellent actor. R.I.P. Pernell Roberts, and thanks for your kindness.

PS: To see a pic of my Apt. and other PP & Calif. stories, lots of other pix, etc., just check-out the Pasadena Playhouse section of my WebSite:

More later...I NEVER forget my Big K Friends !

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  1. Thank you for your recollection, Mr. King. I'm a fan of Mr. Roberts' work, and it's nice to read about a moment like that.