Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jerry Sims' Comments, Re: A.J.

A.J. was very important to my career because he hired me twice. My first radio job at KXLR (age 18), and later at KAAY. I am sending you a Kx-Tundex (our music survey). I am Larry London, he is A.J. Lyons. John Scott, by the way for local folks, is Gary Weir (later Bozo on KATV 7). We had a great time there at KXLR. I grew up listening to them and always wanted to work there. A.J. gave me that opportunity. He was only a little bit older than I was, but because he started so young, he seem older at the time. I always looked up to him as a "real radio man". He loved his work and was always involved in promoting the station. As we have told before, we (the KXLR guys) sat around and listened to the early KAAY and knew we had our hands full with them. As I have said before, they hit the air giving away mink coats and cars (used), while we were across town giving away records and an occasional radio or stuffed animal. Under A.J., we made every effort to hang on, but the station finally sold. Then A.J. ended up as Program Director at KAAY and called me to come over. I had gotten a "real job" by then and thought I was through with radio and its unstable atmosphere. Wrong! I could not pass up the KAAY offer. I have always been proud of my time there. Even before the renewed interest with A.J.'s blog, I treasured my memories of my time there and knew they were extra special.

David B.'s comments about the staff there certainly are mine as well. I did not work with big egos. I came to work and was made to feel that I was one of the team, and left there with the best of wishes of all. I considered them good friends....still do. A.J. was my radio hero. I pass by Alma, Arkansas fairly often. That was A.J.'s home. I wish often that I had made a visit to see him there both before and after his brief illness. However, we had phone conversations and great story exchanges on his blog. He did several things during his lifetime, but I somehow think his time at KAAY was when he had the most satisfaction and fun, career wise. Me too A.J.!! THANKS.

Jerry Sims....a friend and co-worker.

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