Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Comment From Cuba

The comments we've garnerd on the post, "Clyde Clifford-Then & Now" have been downright heartwarming and totally supportive of Beaker Street.  Lots of memories there regarding Clyde and the show.  Here is one comment I thought interesting, from Victor Manuel from growing up listening to Beaker Street in Cuba:

"Many thanks to Mr. Clyde Clifford for opening a to us teenagers back in those great days. I remember many nights that my friends and I would spend hours listening to the many great that nowadays are considered classics! We used to catch Beaker Street as often as possible being that we had no access to the outside world. Growing up in Havana, Cuba was difficult for us kids who saw American radio as an escape. Incredibly, on many nights just after 12:00pm, we were able to come across your show and listen to great songs of our generation. Thank you so much for everything Clyde! For keeping our Rock and Roll dreams alive for so many years!"

We would dearly love to hear from more listeners who heard KAAY and Beaker Street from Cuba- would you regale us with your stories, please?

Thank you!

Bud S. (

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