Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greetings To A Listener

Hello, N5YCN Tim!

This is for you and for everyone else who has taken the time to write in to the Blog with their memories of listening to KAAY. It's also for everyone who reads but does not write.

I think I can speak for Jonnie King, Phil North, Clyde Clifford, Wayne Moss, Mike McCormick II, all the Sonny Martins, George Jennings, General Manager Pat Walsh, Engineers Felix McDonald, Tom Rusk and Dave Montgomery, and at least two Doc Holidays: we are touched and humbled to this day that you remember KAAY and still hold it dear.

Back When, we didn't think about any sort of legacy. We were just going about the daily business of playing the hits and having fun (this was Pat's not-so-secret formula for radio success).

We were very much "in the moment" and didn't give a great deal of thought to how--or even IF--we and our station would be remembered. All I can say is, it was one of the finest places to work that I ever set foot in. I believe everyone in that list of names above would agree. Maybe it was that common agreement, that unity of purpose, that has made KAAY endure like this.

Maybe it was magic and we were all having too much fun to notice it.

Whatever it was, THANK YOU for the love. You may rest assured that it is deeply felt and radiated back to you on the skywave a thousand times over.

Very Truly Yours,
Doc Holiday VII
(aka David B. Treadway)


  1. Doc VII,

    You might want to check out:


  2. Doc, Thanks so much for taking a moment to reply. I am so honored to hear from you. I was 13 yrs old and my Dad had passed away suddenly in the '70's. It was hard for my mom trying to carry on with 3 young kids at home. The sadness was deep for us all but the one thing that really pulled me through and gave me hope was listening to all of you at The Mighty 1090. I realized that life indeed goes on and that there was more to life than sadness! Doc, you were always so cheerful and full of life! I bet you never had any idea how much you helped a young boy just by being yourself! Words cannot express my gratitude. KAAY is truly hallowed ground! Thanks for all the memories! Tim Gulfport, MS

  3. Atta Boy Dave! Very True. Jerry Sims....One of those Sonny Martins