Friday, June 17, 2011

A Warehouse, New Orleans, LA Link!

Wow, I got an e-mail today, regarding The Warehouse, 1820 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA from Bob Wahl, who has a great website he wanted to share with us!

"I saw your post doing some research. Check out our site I think you might like it-bw"
I can't remember if I'd ever seen this before, or something mind is overflowing nowadays, BUT I just had to post it here (again), if I hadn't before.  There are some mp3 recordings there you can enjoy, of short clips and audio.  Lots of good stuff there to view, as well!
If you have ANYTHING Bob hasn't listed there, like posters, ticket stubs and other memorabilia regarding The Warehouse, please contact Bob at his links at the bottom of his website.
Thank you, Bob Wahl and technical guy/webmaster John Dubois!
Bud S. (

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  1. HEY YA'LL~!! this is DAVID SUMMERLIN with STAGE LEFT PROMOTIONS!! i just noticed my name, and i always try to respond and see if i can help? after 40+yrs. in the biz, i better have a few contacts left?? i'm not sure what you need, but do you know RANDY SAVOIE, with OFFBEAT MAG., in NEW ORLEANS? he has been in the biz, a long time & knows everybody, even back in the 60s!! i'm only sure of one way to reach him? he's on FACEBOOK***(i'm 70, and a warehouse & KAAY were a big part of my life~~!!!) i'm easy to find on FACEBOOK, if there's any way to HELP?? thanks DAVID