Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Trip To Little Rock: Tuesday, We Go Outside

Some of you have seen pictures, maybe a little dated, of the transmitter building.  Here are some as we went back outside, before going out to the "antenna farm":

Yes, the building is a little dilapidated, but it was built so well back in the late '50s, it could easily be renovated, in my opinion, not bulldozed.  I'm not a building inspector, but from what I could see, the main structure was very sound.

Again, Gordon Stephan standing at the corner near the roll-up door.  David B. and I viewed the building from the rear as we went out to the antennas and the roof needed repair in a bad way....

Now, here's a relic: the West 7th Street sign!  David B. Treadway and Jerry Sims are posing with the sign:

The poor paint is peeling, but it could be cleaned up carefully and touched up and would make a neat historical piece!  Awhile back, we posted an old photo of the West 7th Street studio with the sign:

You'll see this picture again soon, on this tour.  Next, we're out on the "antenna farm"!

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  1. I appreciate all the pictures posted and the discussions on this page. I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but what if the owners would provide materials for interior repairs/renovations and some of us just did it? I, for one, would gladly help out to save the building. I sent an email to corporate this morning suggesting just that. For me, that would be a "vacation" that would be a great memory.

    I'm sure if word was put out among KAAY alum, broadcast veterans and KAAY listeners, there would be a small army to help. One thing that the company could and really should do is put a peak roof over the old flat top. That would do a world of good to help preserve the building.

    I agree with the author, I don't see how demolishing this museum and erecting another structure would be very cost efficient.