Friday, June 24, 2011

EMP Blast Protection, Per Dave M.

Electromagnetic pulse, otherwise known as "EMP" is the result of a nuclear blast that WILL disable, forever, any electronic device within the area...and there was a scare during the Cold War that we would be disabled from using radios, televisions, computers (yes, they were in use then) and other such electronics if our opponants would blast such a bomb over the United States.  Still, it could happen today, if such a device came into the wrong hands.  I won't go into what is obvious on today's news headlines, but Dave M. cited some interesting information regarding EMP protection to KAAY's transmitter site 'way back then:

"When the electronic hazards of EMP created by nuclear blasts became known and the hazards understood better, the government decided that all stations designated for National Emergency Operation should be modified to be EMP resistant. One of the tasks undertaken by Felix and others was to install an EMP blast "kit" on the RCA transmitter, emergency generator, and antenna tuning networks. The kit consisted of a variety of arc gaps and other devices installed on critical transmitter circuits so that if a nuclear detonation occurred nearby, the transmitter should survive the EMP and stay operational for dissemination of emergency information.

Thankfully we never had to "test" it.

Thank you, Dave, for this interesting and valuable information!  Has anyone else out there, even at other stations, experienced or installed the same protection?
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