Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arvin 446-P AM Portable

This is a little tube-type portable AM receiver that my wife and a friend found and gave to me.  This little sweetie was made in 1950 in two colors, Maroon (which you see here) and Sandlewood.  It has four tubes and was powered by one 67-1/2 volt (Eveready #467 or equiv.) and two "D" batteries.

It is surprisingly in very good shape, but I'll bet it'll need a little TLC in replacing some capacitors before it can be fired up.  They really crammed the parts in radios this small, so it'll definitely be a labor of love.

I can see this one in the basket of a bicycle (cradled in a towel of course), heading out to an open field to listen to a favorite radio station!

What did YOU listen to KAAY with?

Bud S. (

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