Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hogmobile!

If it could be done, I'll bet those guys at KAAY could do it!  From left to right, this is Mike McCormick (Barry Wood), Phil North, Jonnie King, Larry Montgomery (assistant) and Clyde Clifford (Dale Seidenswarz) in front of the motorized Razorback Hogmobile!  We'd mentioned the other KAAY Funmobiles in the past, but I found this on Jonnie King's website ( and just had to share it with you dear readers- with Jonnie's permission, of course, pending your participation in going to his website and enjoying the fine Jonnie King history there!  Do it!

I'd forgotten to ask Jonnie, KAAY's then-resident-car-guy, what the Hogmobile was based on, chassis-wise.  Looks to be about the size of a Volkswagon Beetle, or Thing, maybe?  Maybe Warden VW donated the auto for publicity!?!?  Maybe we'll never know, but someone in the Big K Crew drove this thing!

If anyone else has any history on The Hogmobile, please pass it on!  This is great history that needs to "get out"!  Jonnie says this picture hasn't been seen in public since it was taken, until he put it on his website and shared it with us here, as well.  It was taken September 12, 1970 at the Razorback Pep Rally.  Thank you, Jonnie!

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  1. Hey, Jonnie!

    If you know anything else about the Hogmobile, you have a cosmic obligation to pass it on here. I never saw it from March of 1971 on--not even at the transmitter, where unused and mutant things went to live out their days. 'Fess up!

    With Great Affection,
    David B. Treadway