Friday, August 6, 2010

A Nice G.E. AM/FM Portable

I got this years ago, from either my wife's garage sale days, or directly from a friend- I can't remember all of the circumstances, I just remember that I have radios!  This is a General Electric P975F portable AM/FM transistorized portable receiver.  I believe the vintage to be about the mid 1970s, due to the design and style; I can't seem to find any technical information on the 'web.  There are manuals for sale, of course....

It's a 15-transistor model (remember a posting mentioning if more transistors make a radio better?), powered by four "AA" cells.  As a transistor radio, one can usually put batteries in it, and it'll play, if nothing's wrong with it (like having gotten wet in the past & something shorting out!).  This one isn't operational right now, so it's on my "look at" list....

The leather cover is still in very nice shape and the carry handle and shoulder strap are fully intact, but could use a little TLC.  A nice feature is that the tuning and volume controls are recessed into the left-hand side.  The AM/FM button could get punched by mistake, though.  The telescoping whip isn't overly long, either and is external to the radio.  I was amazed at the cleanliness inside the radio- it obviously had stayed inside most of its life.

I can see some cute chick carrying this on the way to a Funmobile remote location, while listening to KAAY!  Could she have listened to Sonny Martin, Phil North, Bob Robbins, George J. Jennings or Jonnie King with it?  Possibly- I'll bet she could have....

What did YOU listen to KAAY with?

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