Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Marvelous" Mark Larsen spinnin' that Donna Summer...

...or was it that new Foreigner song?  Marvelous Mark rockin' 28 states at 50,000 watt KAAY Little Rock, circa 1978.  I still love those RCA BC-7A boards.  With that vertical panel, it was really hard to spill anything in there, unless you were a total geek!  Virtually indestructible Gates carts in the background -- Dave M. had them on sequencer auto fire!  And that venerable Electro-Voice RE20 mic.  I still use one today in my studio.  This was from the Cottondale Lane shop.  As stated earlier on this blog, KAAY was my all-time favorite music radio gig.  B97 in New Orleans was serious fun, but Little Rock the best!
-Mark Larsen, Tampa Bay

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  1. Hey Mark! Great photo - would you believe I don't have any photos of the studios!?! So I was absolutely delighted to see this one with you in the driver seat!

    BTW, that needle's a little in the "red". (OK, OK - crank it up to 11 and keep it there until their ears bleed!)

    Hah! Dave M