Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KAAY Entry on Encyclopedia of Arkansas!

After months of preparation, editing and bunches of e-mails to & from the folks at Encyclopedia of Arkansas, material from our blog and other sources, my KAAY entry has been accepted and entered:

What a thrill it has been!  Now, I am about to be "contracted" to do an entry for KAAY's predecessor, KTHS.

The home page is: just in case the above link doesn't work; from there, you may click on "See What's New" or just "Browse Entries" by catagory...KAAY is under "Media", then "Broadcasting", then "Radio" and "KAAY(radio)", which is the long way around, but works....

Also, enjoy the various historical entries in this site.  This site is staffed by many, many volunteers, so send 'em a note of appreciation, if you so desire.  And, IF you happen to see something missing or no entry on an important piece of Arkansas history, be sure to contact them- YOU may be published there, as well!

This was another labor of love regarding one of my most favorite radio stations!

Bud S. (

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