Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Yellow Funmobile

This ISN'T the last Funmobile, only a picture of one similar to it (this is from 1968).  I'd been told the last KAAY Funmobile burned on the side of a highway somewhere, and inquired of several folks from the 1970s Who Were There....

David B. Treadway said it was a Pace Arrow and a "hideous shade of yellow".  Greg Fadick, a.k.a. "Hot Scott Fisher" was there, but on late nights at the time...he also confirmed that it was "painted a horrible shade of yellow, but even without the color, the overall style (or lack of style) of the vehicle made it beyond ugly.  In fact, we used to refer to it as the Banana Bus."

Greg said it was about 10 years old when they got it, so the picture is, again, of a 1968 Pace Arrow...just guessing, for the record, of about when they were refurbing it for the station in the late 1970's.  He said Tom (Roberts?) and Felix did a great job on the interior, but it wasn't in action long before it burned and Greg never had a chance to work out of it.  Also, he seems to remember the burned-out hulk sat in the back parking lot for awhile before it was finally towed away....

I'd also called Felix McDonald, who remembered it, but didn't remember the reason why it burned.  By the way, Felix is doing better after the small stroke he experienced last year, so if you're in touch with him, give him a short call to say "Hi!".  It was good to speak with him.  Nonetheless, most of these old RVs were powered by 460 Ford or 454 Chevy gasoline engines and all it took sometimes was for a neoprene rubber gas line to degrade, rupture and away it goes...these and other RVs are not known for their engines to be readily accessable, so sometimes, things went unnoticed....

The good thing about this Funmobile was that it was self-powered, but it just didn't last long.  If anyone has any pictures of this particular Funmobile, please send them to my e-mail address below, or contact me via e-mail for my mailing address; I'll be glad to scan them (and any other pictures pertaining to KAAY!) and return them afterward.

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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