Monday, August 9, 2010

Downtown Little Rock and KTHS

A. J. has posted this 'way back on his blog and I thought it would be interesting to look back again.  KTHS moved to Little Rock's Main Street from Hot Springs and, in the picture at the upper left, you'll see the call letters on the building.  Later, in 1954, KTHS moved to a new building on 8th and Izard, the first in Arkansas built for both radio and television broadcasting.  Television station KTHV signed on the air in 1955 and was on the first floor, KTHS on the second floor.

When LIN Broadcasting bought KTHS, the call letters were changed to KAAY.

This picture is so cool, with all the old cars and buses...real iron!  And ladies dressed like ladies!

Does anyone else have any old pictures along this line?  Please forward them on to me so they can be posted for all to enjoy!

Can ANYONE positively identify the year of this picture?

(I got a correction on the above information by an anonymous reader- thank you, sir or ma'am!)

Bud S. (


  1. I think you will find that KTHV- Channel 11 was never in this building on Main Street. KTHV is and always has been in the building at 8th and Izard. KAAY radio studio was on the second floor of the building at 8th and Izard.

  2. Does anyone have a full list of shows. My Mother was a singer for both the radio & television programs I was told. Performed as one of the Velvetones.