Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KTHS, Downtown Little Rock, late 1950's

This is a great color picture that Dave M. sent in for the blog!  Nice, clear and crisp!  He mentioned that it may be around 1958, the file says 1956, but either way, it is a good picture, with KTHS in the upper right-hand corner.

We'd posted the announcement before, but here it is again, compliments of Dave once again!

This file was marked 3/24/1953....

Thanks, Dave!

Bud S. (

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  1. You'll have to click through to the larger picture, but please note the black and white taxicab on the lower right under the Coca-Cola sign, bearing the phone number 4-0333.

    Some time after KTHS became KAAY, a radio spot began airing--with great frequency--urging folks to "Call FRanklin 4-0333, the Black And White Cab Company." I heard this ad for a huge part of my teenage love affair with KAAY. The copy never changed; it was the same spot for YEARS.

    When I came to Little Rock in 1971, all the Black And White cabs carried signs advertising KAAY. The ubiquitous "Call FRanklin 4-0333" spots were what we call trade-outs: the cabs carried our signage, we ran spots for them. No money changed hands.

    You couldn't walk or drive through Little Rock without seeing KAAY on a cab. Dunno who started the relationship, but I detect the subtle hand of Pat Walsh in there somewhere!

    Props to LeeRoy for the picture. It was prescient.

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII