Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"New" Phil North Aircheck #2

This is the second aircheck in our three-part posting...and Phil/Eric has more commentary about this audio:

"….Jump ahead to May 1971…I was so glad to hear this aircheck as I think I had improved a lot in a year…The station had purchased a new jingle package from PAMS and I recreated new elements for the news and promos…….just on my own in my pre ADD spare time….I have to thank Wayne Moss for being so indulgent and letting this kid just out of high school (who looked like he was 30—a sort of Vampire on a day pass look- The studio was a cave like place and sunlight was then foreign to me) take over his station by night…He would just show up and I would have audio cart for him with new stuff….He’d just put it on the air….something that would not happen today for sure… I was really enjoying all that I was learning and I thought man this is it….making money really had very little to do with it…it was the live shows and the magic of the studio that I loved…
.That particular aircheck was not 'scoped and hearing all the music and commercials intact really brought it back…there was so much good (and bad) radio back then…and each station carried a lot of weight because there were not many of them…FM was not yet popular and Cable and the Internet was far in the future…there was a knowing and responsibility and reverence to the radio experience that is lost today….I was going thru a lot too as my mother was diagnosed with cancer that year…I was now living in Little Rock contemplating college and Viet Nam ….I thought well I think maybe Armed Forces Radio might be in my future if I was lucky…but I won the only lottery in my life which was the high lottery number from Uncle Sam…so I was saved from the war…
Feeling lucky and relieved I stayed in Little Rock for 1 more year and got a nice break to go to WDRK-Detroit shortly after my mom passed away…."

Phil North, May 18, 1971:   stream   |   download

 DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL!  (or, maybe that mouse?)  More to come!

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