Monday, August 23, 2010

David B. Treadway Comment, Re: Cabs, KAAY

(I just HAD to make this a separate post, because it is so informative!  David comments on the downtown Little Rock picture from the late 1950's a few postings

You'll have to click through to the larger picture, but please note the black and white taxicab on the lower right under the Coca-Cola sign, bearing the phone number 4-0333.

Some time after KTHS became KAAY, a radio spot began airing--with great frequency--urging folks to "Call FRanklin 4-0333, the Black And White Cab Company." I heard this ad for a huge part of my teenage love affair with KAAY. The copy never changed; it was the same spot for YEARS.

When I came to Little Rock in 1971, all the Black And White cabs carried signs advertising KAAY. The ubiquitous "Call FRanklin 4-0333" spots were what we call trade-outs: the cabs carried our signage, we ran spots for them. No money changed hands.

You couldn't walk or drive through Little Rock without seeing KAAY on a cab. Dunno who started the relationship, but I detect the subtle hand of Pat Walsh in there somewhere!

Props to LeeRoy for the picture. It was prescient.

David B. Treadway
Doc Holiday VII

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