Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go Get A Warden VW & Get Outta Dat Tub!

Here is another fun ad, courtesy of Barry Mac.  Does anyone know who the voice talents were for Ralphie and Harietta?  The date of the ad is unknown.

Warden Volkswagon, located on 8415 New Benton Highway in Little Rock, AR, was giving a "six-wheel special" consisting of a 10-speed European bicycle with every VW deal...the "Spring Ecology Special", it was called...for $2181!

Here's some memorabilia to enjoy, along with the audio!

Did any listeners in the Little Rock or surrounding areas ever take advantage of this deal?

Warden VW ad:   stream   |   download


  1. Bud,

    This is a "Phil North" production, with Phil doing the voice & tag. BUT, it would have to be very late '71 or very early '72, as Phil left to go to (I think, WHBQ) and later WDRQ during '72.

    I know that for a fact 'cause we crossed paths for a week or two when I went to WDRQ in Sept. '72.

    Jonnie King

  2. Ralphie is undoubtedly Phil North, who most likely produced the spot. (Compare the production values on this one to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band spot.)

    As to Harietta, my money is on Mary Donald (Delores Handy) from the news department. Whenever we needed a female character voice, we went directly to her.

    David B. Treadway