Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Dramatics,At Discount Records/Soul Bro. Records

I'd never heard of The Dramatics, but here is a nice ad from the Barry Mac archives announcing a new album, "A Dramatic Experience", by this group.  These were available at Discount Records and Soul Brothers Record Shop....the date is unknown.

The CD is available via Amazon, as well as other Dramatics music:


If you want to see more on The Dramatics, here is their webpage:


Dramatics at Discount Records:   stream   |   download

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  1. I remember about one semi-hit by this group: "In The Rain," played on KAAY circa 1971. I don't recall them ever hitting big.

    The spot would have been produced by some outside agency and sent around to various markets, where it would be "tagged" with local info at the end. Sounds like Bob Robbins (Bob Spears) on the tag, which would put the time frame at Summer 1972 or later.

    David B. Treadway