Friday, August 27, 2010

"New" Phil North Aircheck, #3

..and Phil/Eric's final comments on this one:

"….I was shortly to leave KAAY and Arkansas forever…..That experience spring boarded me on a future in radio that was as great an adventure as it was lonely….I was able to work with great names in radio like Bob Pitman in Pittsburg, George Klein in Memphis, Al Kacey in Detroit, Dale Dorman in Boston, Beau Weaver in Houston (who I still see when I get out to LA), Tommy Kramer who is my voiceover coach and friend now, Christopher Haze and Kevin McCarthy and THE GREAT Bill Young from KILT…and so many more that I can’t name here….my name was changed by Michael Spears when I was in Dallas and I’ve used it ever since in my voiceover and production here in Houston..…I’ve learned from the best and I am eternally grateful…..and it all goes back to the magic of a place and time where KAAY was a real breathing force of nature. I hope my ramblings have not sedated you too much. I appreciate to opportunity to reminisce and share the magic. Here’s the to MIGHTY 1090…..
All the Best, Eric Chase"

Phil North, April 14, 1971:   stream   |   download

Eric, you'll ALWAYS be "Phil North" to me and many, many others who listened to that mighty, gentle giant of a flamethrower, KAAY!  Thank you SO much for sharing your memories with us!
Personally, I've always liked the un-'scoped airchecks, they feel more nostalgic and evoke many more memories...and I am constantly in search of any and all audio regarding KAAY, not only as an addition to my collection, but to be able to share same with you, dear reader!
My door is open to airchecks of KAAY for the blog...please contact me at my e-mail address below:
Bud S. (

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  1. And to others of us, you will always be Phil Rowe of KBHS-FM.