Friday, December 4, 2009

Additional KAAY Coverage Maps

Thanks to Greg Barman for donating these for our usage and Dave M. for formatting.  These look like the actual maps...note that at least two have the LIN logo down in a corner.  The daytime pattern maps are followed by the nighttime pattern maps:

Due to the "magic" of radio, we all know the radio waves reached 'WAY beyond these maps!  Of course, these are official maps that show the proposed coverage, submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, but the ionisphere cooperated to give many listeners years of wonderful programming and music.  All I know is, when I was growing up, the signal reached to Mobile, AL and beyond with great strength and little fade...only a little, mind you!  I'll bet my inline antenna booster helped, too.  In many cases, it wasn't even needed; as I mentioned in an earlier post, a friend of mine regularly listened on a little AM pocket eadio.  I believe it was also Richard Robinson who told me he listened on a 7-transistor pocket radio as well (or was it a 12-transistor?)...yes, indeedy, KAAY was truely "The Friendly Giant"!

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