Monday, December 14, 2009

KAAY QSL card From Ken Reitz

Folks, what a treat that Ken has shared with us!  I can't remember ever seeing a QSL card from KAAY.  I only knew one other fellow who had one, but he lost it in Katrina when his home in Pensacola, FL was flooded.  Here's Ken's QSL card:

Dave M. was able to convert it and read it is dated Monday, May 10, 1965.  No time was entered.  It was signed by "Felix McDonald, Chief Engineer".

Ken had this tacked up on his wall of his listeneing post when he was in high school.  I am so glad that he shared it with us!  What a treasure!  Thank you, Ken!

By the way, Ken is the Features Editor for Monitoring Times magazine.  A surprise is in the works and, until we get verification, I won't verify nor deny anything.  Stay tuned!!!

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  1. I have an identical card except printed in green text, also signed by Felix McDonald, Chief Engr, dated Wednesday, February 10, 1965 at 5:06 - 5:16 PM. Received in Lancaster, PA, about 65 mi north of Baltimore (WBAL, 1090).

    I often heard KAAY during winter gray zone time periods.