Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bands: Where Are They Now?

I never got to attend any of the concerts at Barton Coluseum or A Warehouse, but there were some bands at both places advertised on Beaker Street that I've been researching and will check into their music.  How about Seatrain/Sea Train?  I found a critic who didn't give them rave reviews, but it is just one guy...there's surely more out there.  See this link, about halfway down the page:


Another was Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah and there seems to be a lot of coverage about them.  Again, I don't really like Wikipedia, but this seems short and succinct:


How about the Chambers Brothers, who were REALLY brothers?


And one of my favorites, Blue Oyster Cult...this is one I rocked to as a youngster:


Just something to whet those appetites...now, I just have to get a high-speed Internet connection...heh heh!

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