Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Non-Sequitor Reply" From Anonymous

"I have a non-sequitor reply because I can't find any other room to post this. :) This goes back to a New Years Eve several years ago. I was feeling down and had had some booze. Nothing helped. Then I heard FAMILY THEATER on KAAY. And so I wrote the station. These pure ******** wrote me back to say, "Thanks for calling this to our attention. We will immediately stop all Family Theater programs. They were being run in violation..." Blah Blah. What bunch of the purest of ********!!!"

Now, Mr. Anonymous, this IS what I consider a family blog...as you can see, I edited your post, but I WAS not a "wimp" in posting it as you challenged, for posterity-sake, although YOU did not have the tumerity to mention your name....

Now, how many years ago was this Family Theater broadcast?  We mainly concentrate on the years 1962 to 1985, the Top 40 years of KAAY.  If you have clean, decent comments about that time period, then we welcome them.

Who is your beef with?  The station?  And, why did you write the station?  GO TO THEM, not us.  We are a group of listeners, former employees and associates who enjoyed the 1962-1985 period, who grew up in many ways during that time period, in one way or another.

We expect folks to add TO the history of this station, not personally attack anyone.  We are attempting to fill in all the "historical holes" of the station in the aforementioned 1962-1985 era.  Therefore, if you have constructive comments about your experiences with the station, then by all means, post them in any comments section.  Destructive, inflammatory remarks will be deleted in the future.  Thank you for checking in.

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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