Monday, December 14, 2009

"Bo Rider": Who Was He And Where Is He Now?

Back on A. J.'s blog, on Feb. 14, 2009, Bob Schultz of Little Rock sent in an aircheck of "Bo Rider" on "K-Double-A-Y".  Does anyone recollect who "Bo Rider" was and where he is nowadays?  The aircheck is dated 3/13/81:

Thanks go to Bob!

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  1. I worked with a "Bo Rider" at KLRA/K-Lite, 94.1, in the mid-80s. This was at the old KAAY building at 2400 Cottondale, currently occupied by KABZ, "the Buzz." Not sure if it would be the same one, but it probably is. I think his actual name was Scott Johnson, but that could've been another one of his radio names. He would've been in his early 20s back in '81, and last I knew, he'd moved to northwest Arkansas in about 1989.