Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Need Your Help!

Folks, we have had a good run since this blog has been opened.  We have been able to find folks who have otherwise been lost to history and included some of their stories.  Still, there have been others who've we have no contact with, or no current contact information, or they just don't care to "look back"...the latter has been just that, in a couple of cases.

We've enjoyed everything that has been shared...Greg Barman has even recently uncovered some "new" Beaker Street audio (and he's sent along some video, soon to be posted!)...and other good things have developed through this blog.  I, personally, have experienced a resurgence of "boyhood giddiness" every time some new story or audio has been shared.  I feel as if, with every phone call, every e-mail and every shared item for the blog, the wealth and history of KAAY has increased.  There is more to come, I am sure- it's just a matter of uncovering something packed away long ago...sparking a memory...or word getting out to the right person(s) that this blog is alive and we're still searching, to patch in those "historical holes".

The former KAAY employees who check in here regularly are still alive, kickin' and innovatin'!  Some are still in radio, others in communications-related fields, some not, but almost all are creatively busy!  Also, the listeners and audio collectors, too...they've been very gracious to help and share their treasures for all of us to enjoy!  I feel as if I've fabulously relived some of those old times that Jonnie King has mentioned from time to time, as music triggers the memories- most good, some not as good, but all of a less-stressful period of my life...and I have the aforementioned folks to thank for it.  KAAY was my station of choice after dark- there was nothing local in my area quite like them!

Oh, yes, I dialed around and listened to some of the other powerhouse 50kw clear-channel stations- all had their particular flavors- but nothing was quite like the Mighty 1090.  I always came back....

Needless to say, I feel very blessed and fortunate to rub elbows with these fellows...and I feel as if I am standing in the shadows of giants!

Now, to the "help" portion of this post...if anyone out there, reading this blog, as any inkling of any "new" material, any insights or know of anyone who has not checked in here or knows of this blog, spread the word, send it in, do whatever, but participate!  We're always looking for audio, stories, anecdotes, etc. to share with other KAAY enthusiasts and afficianados.

As we draw this year to a close, I want to thank everyone for their help in developing this blog, helping it along and contributing to it...and we'll be constantly in search for new material, with your help!  Let's make 2010 a great one, blog-wise!

Bud S. (

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