Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dave M. Checks In With More Names, Re: "Where Are They Now"?

"Here’s some more KAAY names from the 70’s I haven’t seen mentioned:

-Joe James on KAAY (most recently as Joe Bohannon on B97 Chicago).

-Jack Randall currently runs his own company in Phoenix.

-Dan Campbell went to KJJJ Phoenix and I lost track of him. Great production talent.

Dr Grady Brock came to Little Rock and was about the most high energy announcer I remember, although Marvelous Mark was way up there too. He (Grady) made so much noise in the studio that we had to install special “pads” in the microphone circuits to keep him from overloading the amplifiers! Mark might be able to fill in some of these blanks since they were roughly the same time period he was there –

Then there was the incredible Ray Lincoln. Ray worked several stations in Little Rock, including KAAY but he was probably the most unique and entertaining morning man we had come our way. Ray had many friends, and he attracted a large audience. Ray passed away a few short years ago, and he is still missed.


By the way, the special "pads" Dave mentions are a circuit to cut back on the tremendous amount of audio the microphones were subjected to....

Ray Lincoln had been mentioned numerous times in A. J.'s blog, but only briefly here.  Does anyone have an aircheck on him, please?

In the meantime, here's more info on Ray Lincoln, also passed on by Dave M (obit., edited).:

Raymond Charles Coday, Jr. "Ray Lincoln"

March 6, 1942 - September 18, 2006

Raymond Charles Coday, Jr. “Ray Lincoln”, age 64, of North Little Rock died at his home, Monday, September 18, 2006. Born on March 6, 1942 in Dallas, Texas, he was the son of the late Raymond Charles Coday, Sr. and Veronica Jones Coday. A well know radio personality, Ray began his radio career in Roswell, New Mexico and later worked for numerous stations including powerhouses such as WBAP in Fort Worth, WNOE in New Orleans, WOAI, San Antonio, KKYK-FM and KAAY in Little Rock. Lincoln with his guns-a-blazing, no nonsense personality dominated the Little Rock radio market in the 70’s with his Ray and Ram program on KKYK-FM. In addition to himself he also did the voice of mythical character, Ram Led, a crusty, West Texas cowboy who often exhibited outrageous speech and behavior.

On two separate occasions, Lincoln worked at KAAY in Little Rock as morning drive time DJ and Program Director. This was near the end of the AM station’s market dominance with its Top 40 format. Between stints at radio stations, Lincoln worked for companies doing record promotions.

In 1983 he returned to Little Rock as afternoon talk show host at KARN. With the exception of a six year hiatus to live in Dallas and one year at Talk 103.7 across town, Lincoln finished his on-air career at KARN in 2000.

In addition to creating Ram Led, Lincoln developed another imaginary character he named Sport Jackson, a black, horse race tout. He voiced this character in a dialect, which came naturally to him considering he grew up in predominately black East Dallas. Though the lovable character was a charade, his passion for horseracing and handicapping was legendary. Ray was one of the most knowledgeable handicappers in the nation.

Lincoln served two tours of duty in the United States Military, one as a Marine and one in the United States Army. His foreign stations included Germany and Vietnam.

Thanks again to Dave M.  Now, we need KAAY stories from these people!

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  1. Just a minor correction. I believe Ray Lincoln came to the Little Rock market initially to work for KLAZ instead of KKYK. Craig O'Neal was the morning person for KKYK at the time.

    Jim Harvill

  2. I know this thread is old but does anyone know about any recordings from Ray's radio days on the net? I'd love to listen to his old signoff line or anything else..


    Kevin Trotter

    1. I have quite a few old R/R recordings of Ray's program, dating from 1978-1980. These include Ray, Ram, Sport, and Lester-the-time-telling duck (including Lester's kidnapping and his run for president). If there's any interest, I'll see if I can get them out there somehow.

    2. Ray was the best! It would be great to hear some recordings. Thank you!

    3. I'm editing some Ray & Ram air check tapes right now. What a nostalgia trip! I figure youtube is the place to post some of them and I should have a few up by May. So if anyone's interested, wait a few weeks and do a search there.

    4. There are now 5 Ray Lincoln (Ray & Ram) segments on youtube. Here's a link to the playlist:

  3. Ray was my dad, and it's been 10 years today since he passed away. I still miss him every day and love listening to his recordings. It makes me weep though to hear his voice knowing we'll never speak. I love you, Dad!