Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, Santa Claus Is A Redneck...

...and he drives a '69 GMC pick-up truck with 31 x 15 tires and antennas on it!

Folks, I got my wife to snap this picture of me in the driveway just after I got home from entertaining a bunch of youngsters at a party today, Dec. 13, 2009. And I can't tell you how many waves and honks and pictures taken of me on the road in just a 12-mile round trip!  Not only were people happy to see ol' Santa, but I just happened to turn on my Ham radio in the truck and made contact with a newly-licensed Ham.  In fact, I was his first-ever contact on a new band of frequencies we were granted a few years ago...hence, the microphone in my hand.

I told him I'd send him a special QSL card and it was the picture above with the verification information written on the cab behind my head...along with a "regular" QSL card, too.

Do something special this season; after all, it IS the season of giving!  Remember the best Gift of all was given to us.  Can we not do something to brighten someone's day, as well?

Hey, if YOU have some goofy Santa (or other Christmas-related) pictures to offer for the blog, just send them to my e-mail address below!

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