Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Barry, On Signal Coverage

"Barry said...

I worked at KAAY continuously (except for about a six month period late in '85) from Oct. of '84 through the end of 2005. I can tell you that the transmitter problems were numerous the last several years I was there, but one of the main problems was the building of some type of structure within a mile of the transmitter in about 2000 that threw the pattern completely out of whack, and because of that (and to accomodate FCC regulations), we had to reduce power by more than one half (at night)until we could get the issue resolved. That temporary "solution" began in 2003. I've been told by a Citadel person in the last year that the problem had been taken care of, but I wouldn't be so certain of that."

Thank you, Barry!  We need these insights...there are so many questions "out there"!  Please visit and comment often!

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