Thursday, December 17, 2009

More "Where Are They Now"

Dave S. sent me a list awhile back from the website of 440satisfaction ( regarding past KAAY personnel.  We have been successful in finding a few of the folks who didn't know this blog was on-line and the search continues.

I have found some e-mails for these folks, others had none listed; I only had one response and no committal for information (yet, but I'm hopeful!).  Here's a list of folks we're looking for:

-Dr. Grady Brock, 1976

-Ron Casteel, 1980

-Scott Charton, 1981

-Brian Chase, 1980 (said he'd check into the blog when he had time- yeah!)

-Harriet (Coffey), 1978

-Steve Kelly, 1981

-Mike McCormick, a.k.a. J. "Jim" Michael Hankins (Pres. & CEO pf MCC Radio, Austin, TX since '77?)

-J. J. West, 1977

I can't remember what shift J. J. West worked, but I remember the name; I graduated from high school in 1977, maybe that's where I remember hearing of him, when I had more time off from school.

Anybody got contacts?  Maybe some of them will answer the e-mails I sent, but this information is dated and has been in 440satisfaction for quite a while....

Bud S. (

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