Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deep Water Reunion song link

This is a response to the posting on Deepwater Reunion.  Clyde Clifford played "Cindy's Crying" often on Beaker Street.  There is a video on youtube, featuring this selection.  It isn't Deep Water Reunion, but it's a good version, and there are several comments on this posting.  Long live Beaker Street!


Richard Robinson


  1. You betcha, Richard! There is a dire need for more audio of Beaker Street! We need a new fix!

    Bud S. (a fellow Beaker-head)

  2. The "Cindy's Cryin" cover by the folks in Iowa is very good, and the comments are quite moving, in terms of people telling what KAAY meant to them as they were growing up.

    There is another Youtube version of "Cindy's Cryin" however, this one the actual song as posted by Barbara Rainey who was part of Deep Water Reunion. This version can be found at:

  3. The version on you tube with DWR has been removed!!! Sad Sad Sad!!! Im jonesing cause its GONE!!! JDF

  4. Here it is as played on the air in 1971 by Clyde Clifford.


  5. This is audio we've posted here on the blog before; someone's taken the audio (which is FREE here, by the way) and placed it with a close-up of Clyde's picture, also found here on this blog.

    Folks, whoever reads this, would you be so kind and mention Mighty 1090 KAAY Blogspot when you post stuff like this on the web or YouTube, etc.? We like to share memorabilia and enjoy visitors! Bud S.