Monday, October 12, 2009

Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Much has been said about the Cuban Missile Crisis here and on A. J.'s blog, and how KAAY broadcast, re: the situation. This was one time that we were a breath away from annihilation. I believe President Kennedy and Khrushchev used good restraint in knowing NOT to "push the button"...unlike some of our leaders today, who have no sense and thrive on power and ego. As King Crimson said in "Epitaph": "'s fate is in the hands of fools..."

Needless to say, I was a few days shy of four years old when all this happened and have no recollection of it; however, I enjoy history, and this phase of ours makes me shiver....

There are many, many references to this event. I personally do not like Wikipedia, because I was told by someone opposite of my party affiliation that almost anybody can register and give their version of history. Therefore, I refuse to use that source any more, after having seen some "sensitive" information being changed as many as three times in one month. Hence, the sources I commit here. If anyone has any other interesting references in this historical anniversary week, please feel free to leave them in comments.

How about the timeline:

Some Navy FAQs:

The National Security Archive photograph site:

And A. J.'s posts re: the events:

Remember...and celebrate life! I believe there should be deterrant enough to avoid catastrophe...and not to trust too much....

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