Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Calling In On Radio Promotions

Remember these?  I collect old things, like some folks do...mine are communications-related.  I have one from about the 1940's as well that I may post later....regardless, how many of us have tried to wear out one of these phones trying to call a radio station to win something?  There was no such thing as a redial button- we'd just "dial 'em again!"...and keep on dialing until we were the caller who got in, or heard over the air that someone else won the prize.

My kids never saw one of these until I brought one out of storage.  For many years, I had one held back and it still worked on the modern lines, even though it was a pulse-dial phone and the lines were utilizing Touch Tone.  The reason being, if/when the power went out during a storm or a hurricane, cordless phones do not work!  Nowadays, there's redial, caller I.D., multiple (three-way) call, call forward, etc., etc., etc.  And cell phones, cordless phones, camera phones, yadda ya....

The worst thing we had with these phones were a party line...big deal, unless someone was "on" when you wanted to call the radio station to try to win that goodie!

By the way, the big white overlay was for those of us who misplaced our glasses on top of our heads....!

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