Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi Everybody ! (Does that sound general enough ?)

I wanted all of you to know that I've put together my personal WebSite...and I wanted to share it with you here first.

I had a serious accident a year ago yesterday (10-21-2008), and it had me laid-up for almost 6 months...and in the process gave me a lot of time to think about the future, as well as my past.

With well over 50 years combined in Acting &  Broadcasting, I've decided to share many of my stories, pix, airchecks, memorablia, and personal memories on a "dedicated" site.  And, someday, I promise there'll be a book !

I thank all of you for logging-on to THIS site and, of course, I'll keep contributing here too. BUT, I wanted a forum to share my archives with all of you...and many others who are friends, on a very personal basis. That's why I'm mentioning it here first.

If you have some time please check-it out and let me know how you like it. WARNING: It is a "work in progress", not finished yet. But, during the last 3 weeks I've spent well over 100 hours putting it standards are very high, and I've torn it apart and rebuilt it many times to get what is there now as perfect as it can be.

THINGS TO LOOK FOR ON THE SITE: 3 pages of KAAY Pics & Info;
My Special 2009 Halloween Film Rarities List; The 2 Part Rick Nelson Interview/Tribute; My 40th Anniversary Show; AND, how I got to KAAY TO BEGIN WITH !

PLUS, after you've listened to all my other Airchecks, listen to my 40th Anniversary'll hear a different style, a different progression. Like many others in my profession, if you try to do what you do very well, you become a "chameleon" and can shift & change into ANY format and still retain your own persona. If you listen, I think you'll know what I mean.

(Don't Forget: You'll see some of the RAREST KAAY PIX in existence from my personal collection, and see some of the early KAAY crew too ! )

Take your time, enjoy the Site, and thanks to each and everyone of you for your kindness & support.

Just go to :


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  1. hi jonnie, went to the site it is excellent I love the many airchecks of the stations you worked for wow what an accomplishment take care jim b a fan of the mighty 1090 esp the jingles as im a jingle freak