Monday, October 26, 2009

KAAY & Radio-Related Halloween Stories

You know, I was betting (if I were a betting man) that someone in the KAAY bunch, as creative as they were/are, would come up with a Halloween story or two...and I was correct!  We'd already mentioned the grave at the transmitter site, but here's a couple from "Hog Fan":

"Actually, I do, Bud. It's a story from my days at KCLA in Pine Bluff, where I worked with A.J., Greg Fadick, Barry Wood, and George J.Jennings. The largest high school in town, Pine Bluff High School, had their Homecoming near Halloween. And each year they had a homecoming parade. We found an old 30's model car with running boards, dressed up in 3-piece suits, and some of us found toy guns to complete the look. We had a sign on the car that said "The KCLA HitMen". It was mostly jocks with 1 or 2 sales-folks to make it look 'bigger'. We were standing around before the parade began and I noticed that one of the salesmen had a really nice shoulder-holster.  Looking more closely, revealed that he had a real '45 in the holster.  Nothing was in the clip, but the gun was definitely more 'authentic'than anything anyone else brought."

And, one from Dave M.:

"Hi Bud - I've been traveling for a week, but wanted to let you know I was digging through some old photos and found a couple I will upload later this week. I found a snapshot of Bill Howell (Bill Edwards on the air), and a pretty good shot of Funmobile "Number 1" (the blue trailer) - I'll get those to you when I get them scanned. Does anyone have any snapshots of Funmobile "Number 2" (the yellow motorhome that eventually burned down)? Don Payne will have to tell us that story of the fire and how it happened . . .

KAAY did a haunted house promotion for several years in the "70's" with the LR Jaycees (I think). I don't remember much about it other than we parked the Funmobile out front, we did a live broadcast from there each night and LOTS of people came through each year. Maybe someone else remembers some good stories about the KAAY Haunted House?

I seem to remember that the year AFTER we moved the studios to Cottondale Lane, we used the old vacant West 7th street studio building as a Haunted House, which "really" made it the "KAAY Haunted House". Not long after that the West 7th Street building was torn down to build a freeway exit.

/Dave M/"
Jim, Dave, thanks for the stories...and we're looking forward to those promised photos!  Don P. also, with his story on how the Funmobile burned...was THAT a Halloween-related incident?
Be sure to watch out for kids as they run around the neighborhood, getting goodies...and I'll be working at a "Fall FUNtastic" myself, clad in a ghillie suit:

Yup, ya shoulda seen the kids AND adults jump when they saw me!
Bud S. (

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  1. David,

    Do you know when KAAY switched from Bill Edwards (Bill Howell) to Bill Edwards (my Dad, Bill Stracner aka Summers)? I'm looking for any and all soundbites, pictures, stories... about Bill Edwards (Bill Stracner). I know my Dad worked with Jonnie King who babysat me from about 1969-1972. THANKS