Friday, October 16, 2009

Comment To "Greg Fadick And FM"

"It was Great Stuff! Sure Change my way of thinking about Radio and the direction I wanted to go! If the Walls could talk inside the Studio...My,my,my...:-)

Jeff Rains..."Woody, you had to be the most Creative Boss I had and Dale...thank you for making the Call to get me on the Blood Shift!

Oooooh those where the Days...Radio at it's Best!

JaBeaux on myspace


Electric Rooster Entertainment
P.O.Box 4325
Grand Junction, Colorado 81502"
Hey, "JaBeaux", come visit any time!  And PLEASE share some of those stories you tease us with...the statute of limitations has expired, as far as we're concerned!
Bud S. (

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