Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Tommy Riggs Story From Charlie Okle

Tommy Riggs has been mentioned from time to time on this blog and A. J.'s old blog; Charlie Okle shares a humerous story with us (how many of US have done this, huh?):

"Here's a Tommy story from the old KAAY days...

After Tom started working at KAAY, I would drive up to Little Rock from Pine Bluff and visit fairly often as we were best of friends. One afternoon in downtown Little Rock, we were browsing around in the old Woolworth Store at 4th and Main. We spotted a display of the new Wham-O "Super Balls". Having seen them advertised on TV, we each bought one. As we went to the sidewalk out front Tom unwrapped his and gave it a mighty slam against the concrete. This was a very busy intersection and the ball bounced very high out over traffic. When it came down and bounced off a car driving by, all hell broke loose. Here was his ball being batted around by passing autos. Tom shouted "My God", and we stood there dumbstruck for a minute, then beat a hasty retreat down the sidewalk hoping no one had noticed where it had come from!!! -Charlie."

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  1. To those who may not know, Charlie is now seriously ill. Have known him since I was 13 years old and he worked at KOTN in Pine Bluff.