Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jerry Sims' KAAY Poster!

Jerry recently found a few of these and sent in a copy for the blog.  He mentioned that, "Ironically, this 'Beat Texas A & M' poster will have special meaning again this year when the Razorbacks play the Aggies in the new Texas stadium."  Arkansas beat Texas A & M 47-19 this year, but I hope this doesn't dishearten our KAAY fans in Texas!  (BTW, this poster is over 40 years old!!!)

Jerry also told me, "Pat Walsh, KAAY Manager, would have these printed each week during the season, and you would see them in windows of homes and businesses all over Central Arkansas.  We would usually hand them out (and stack up traffic) in front of the station in drive times all week."

"Particularly when I worked the night shift, I would be getting calls from all over the place thinking Little Rock, AR must be 'party central'.  Funny, but it was just a young, local kid, all alone upstairs over a dark TV station (that had already signed off and gone home), having the time of his life, with a huge audience, that were apparently making lots of memories, too."

Jerry, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

We are always looking for memorabelia, audio and what-have-you to share here on the blog.  What YOU get out of it is what YOU put into it, so if you have something, please share!  Please don't think your contribution doesn't count, because it DOES!  One little memory could trigger a flood of memories for someone else, and we're all made richer for it!

Again, thanks to Jerry Sims for sharing this poster!

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