Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comments On Jonnie King's Website- WOWZA!

I have always known that the folks who worked at KAAY were prolific, creative and successful...and, for one, Jonnie King really shows it in his aforementioned website.

Jonnie has really worked hard over the last few weeks, tuning it all up and getting some rare photos posted there, along with his stories and personal history regarding his tenure at not only KAAY, but other radio stations, as well. I told him I'm a bit jealous of his KAAY pictures, but not to worry, he's sharing them with the world- and us- through his previous invitation on this blog!

Please go there, enjoy the history and drop him a note. It would be much appreciated!

In the meantime, don't forget us here! We're always looking for material-no matter how trivial you may think it to be- to add to the history of The Mighty1090KAAY blog.

Many hands make labor lighter; a one-legged man CAN run a marathon, but it is more difficult, so we're asking for everyone's participation!

Thank you,

Bud S. (

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