Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lost Souls, Moses Melody Shop, Tommy Riggs & KAAY

While searching the web for more goodies, I came upon this survey, attached in a website:

A couple of the members of the Lost Souls band visited KAAY when Tommy Riggs was on shift; in their writing of KAAY and Tommy Riggs' promotion of their music, Moses Melody Shop was mentioned...and, to my knowledge, I haven't heard of this store until now.  Tommy's promotion of their song, "Lost Love" got them plenty of sales!  Anyone got any information on Moses Melody Shop?  Here's the text:

"Little Rock was home to one of the biggest rock stations in the country, KAAY 1090 AM, “The Friendly Giant” at 50,000 watts of power. The range of the station reached the entire Midwest. Tommy Riggs, a legendary local rock and soul performer, also had a career as a DJ on KAAY known as Rock Robbins. Griggs and Petray decided to knock on the station door to meet Riggs, who they’d seen perform at the Cimarron Inn and heard on the radio. Riggs let the boys in and played “Lost Love.” It soon reached #1 on his call-in request show. They sold the record at the hippest place in Little Rock, Moses Melody Shop, a music store on Main Street. The record sold very well and they restocked with several 50-count boxes."

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