Monday, October 12, 2009

Bob Nelson, Re: Other KAAY Personnel

Bob Nelson again checks in various personnel he was affiliated with at KAAY, along with a few comments about the station:

"...(about KAAY)...factoring in its smallish market size and location in a flyover state, it was arguably among the most influential stations for that period.

Just from my era (a short span from 1976-1978), I count these others, all of whom are still in the industry or an allied field:

-Reid Reker - Became GM of CBS/Chicago and later CBS/Dallas
-Don Payne - CE of Radio One properties in Indy
-Carl Hamilton - Just retired as market manager for Radio One/Houston
-Mark Zintel (Larsen) - Retired from WFLA/Tampa, a bigtime talk operation
-Steve Gunn - Did afternoons at WGCI/Chicago and was at ABC at last check
-Stuart McRae - Also at ABC (Citadel) at last check
-Linda Page - Assignment editor for Fox TV-13/Memphis
-Gary Heathcott - Runs an advertising agency in Little Rock
-Tom Rusk - Became a station owner, later a multi-station engineer in Arkansas
-Joe Coeburn - Did mornings at WBBM-FM for years as Joe Bohannon
-Mark Winston - I ran into him back in 1993 at a Wichita station I was doing software work for, he's now a voiceover talent

...and that's just a few off the top of my head.

Of course I have to also include Lou Holtz,later coach of Notre Dame and now an ESPN analyst. Although he didn't work at KAAY, we carried the Razorbacks during the magical period when he led that program to prominence. Hey...that's gotta count for something, eh? :-)

Again...thanks to John Schaab for getting me hooked up with Lee Roy and for getting me turned on to the ``Mighty 1090 KAAY'' blog! Feel free, Dave, to share any of this on that site."

("Lee Roy" being Dave M., of

Any of these fine folks are WELCOME to visit and drop us some comments! Thank you again, Bob and Dave!

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