Friday, October 2, 2009

Tom Roberts, Don Payne and Beaker Street

Tom Roberts did a stint at the Beaker Street helm, during/about 1974...does anyone know where he might be these days?

Don Payne was said to have "done" the last Beaker Street...does anyone have any airchecks of him or know where he is?  I know a lot of folks were called back for the "last day" as a Top 40 station and Clyde Clifford did the last hour of the last day, but a couple of sources mention Don Payne after Stuart McRae...???

Bud S. (a Beaker freak) (


  1. Hey it's Don Payne here! It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I did the last one. I would have taped it on the big old Revox airchecker but God knows where that tape is. I've moved thru Memphis, St. Louis, Lafayette, Indiana (Purdue Engineering) then Indy, Cincinnati as Director of Engineering for CBS, then back to Indy, as of today, 10/13/09 I'm CE of a 5 station cluster, 3 FM's 1 Directional AM, and a TV. 53 years old and having a good time here in spite of the challenges of the economy. I know where some of the other folks are, and will post later. Thanks to Bob Nelson for sending me the link to the site.

  2. Tom Roberts is Tom Rusk, former KAAY Chief Operator and longtime Little Rock engineer. Tom recently sold KITA-1440 and undoubtedly retired a rich man.