Friday, October 16, 2009

Dave M. Checks In With Goodies!

Since Jonnie brought it up, the pictured console is the one that he mentioned. Jonnie sent many midwest young’uns into dreamland using that microphone and console and his silky smooth delivery!


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  1. I remember that console very well...even though it's been 37 years since I've seen it !

    I always loved watching REAL needles move back-and-forth,rather than digital-electronic scans.

    And, yes, Woody had been the Air Force. In fact, one time around 1970 I think, he hired a guy from the close-by Air Base in Jacksonville to be a week-ender.

    Sad to say the guy wasn't very good, and I'm being kind here, and only lasted a weekend or two.

    He brought in his "Confusius Says" joke book and would read the one-liners out of it verbatim...not very funny.

    I felt sorry for him, but it was another case of the "Gee, I'd Like To Be On The Radio !" Syndrome, and just didn't work out.