Thursday, October 22, 2009

Charlie Okle, Tommy Riggs And The Midnight Scooter Ride

Had to be the summer of 1966... KAAY was running a promotion to give away two motor scooters, Yamaha I believe. Tom worked till midnight. His wife Stella was there and I was visiting. The motor scooters were parked in the back room of the station where the door to the parking lot was. Tom got the bright idea to take them for a "midnight ride" through downtown. The station was on West 7th street near the state capitol building. So off we went, navigating steep hills and narrow streets for several miles. We pulled down the alley behind the station and put the bikes away in the back room! As far as I know, nobody at the station was aware of our escapade. Certainly not the contest winners...

Perhaps someone will have information as to the exact date, and the make of the scooters. Let me know if you find out.

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  1. I remember the contest well. They were Yamaha "Twin Jet 100's". We gave away the two of them. The contest rule was to keep up with the miles they had put on them. At various times the D.J.'s would update the rides. "Today Ron Owens rode over to the State Capital Building to cover a Governor's press conference..and back". "Buddy Carr went for a ride out to Park Plaza Mall and back" etc.

    Now thanks to you, Charlie, we know the milage was not accurate, but it would have been worth it to see Tommy on the bike.

    Most of the jocks were not riders before the contest. I had two motorcycles and the guys would come to my house, in Lakewood, to practice. We also had a race at the old Benton Speed Bowl one night that almost ended in disaster. I post a story about that later.

    Jerry Sims