Monday, October 19, 2009

Jerry Sims, The Beach Boys and KAAY

The Beach Boys were in town on Oct. 1st here in Little Rock to perform with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Yeah, really. I was out of town or I would have been there. Here is my KAAY related story:

Whenever a big name group or performer came to town, back in the day, promoters would attempt to tie in KAAY in some way, to get our endorsement and extra exposure. (Free Advertising). The Beach Boys were coming to Little Rock and they wanted our involvement. They wanted one of the D.J.'s to be there and introduce the show. I was asked, and willing. The week of the show, sometime about 1964, arrived and we were required to announce on air, that the show had been postponed. Brian Wilson, (the creative genius of the Boys) was "ill". If you have followed the history of the Beach Boys you will know that this happened quite often. So, the show was to be re-scheduled to a later date. Ticket holders could get a refund or hold them for the re-scheduled show.

The show was re-scheduled before too long. The Boys came out with their pink and white stripe shirts, and did their usual show. About half way through the night Mike Love told the audience that Brian Wilson was ill, and they had to bring a fill-in for him. He introduced the replacement as an "Arkansas Boy". Yep.... he was Glen Campbell. He wanted to feature him on a solo. I do not remember why, but I can remember the song he sang. Roy Orbison's "Crying".

In Branson, Missouri on business about two years ago, I had an opportunity to see Glen performing with Andy Williams. Glenn had his daughter with him, and I got an opportunity to talk with her. I told her the story and asked her if she thought Glen would be impressed that I remembered the song. She said that we would ask him after the show.. I was not able to speak with him though, because of a power failure that knocked out power to the adjacent restaurant where Glenn and Andy were to go after the show.

Our "Arkansas Boy" can still sing and play that guitar. Andy, at about 102 pounds, still has that voice too, although it was a little weak from a cold that night. Because of the voice weakness, they were unable to do "MacArthur Park" together. A big disappointment for me. I might consider a drive back to the beautiful Missouri Ozarks just to hear that one.

Jerry Sims......who was "you know who" back when Glen, Brian, and I were just kids.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the date of the Beach Boys show at Robinson Auditorum? Was it in the fall of 1964 or Spring 1965? My wife attended the show, but doesn't recall the date. Glen Campbell did play the date.