Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comments On Music List

"This is a great idea for a post. The music category brings back a lot of memories for me. For instance, "Sugar Town" reminds me of my army basic training. The song San Francisco was popular in Vietnam because many GI's thought they would be coming home to the US through San Francisco. Each time I hear that song I remember separating from the Army and coming home from overseas was one of the happiest days of my life. On the other hand, some songs trigger some bad memories too. Let's discuss the good ones.

Ron H."
I agree, Ron!  I remember when I had either a Realistic DX-200 or DX-302 shortwave receiver...I was a kid and liked to tune around, listening to odd stuff.  Well, I was tuning around the 25 MHz portion of the RPU (remote pick-up) broadcast band and heard WLW...I begged my mother to call their request line and got permission; I got through pretty quickly.  When the deejay heard WHERE I was hearing him and HOW, he was amazed!  Before he got off the air, he asked if I had a request and I asked for, "Tears Of A Clown".  In about 15 minutes, he came on the air and mentioned, "...and here's one for my buddy Bud down in Alabama..." and played it...I was thrilled!
That's one of my good 'bout more?  Thank you, Ron!
Bud S. (

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