Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arkansas Phone Net Revisited


Thanks for the mention of the Arkansas Phone Net. We invite all properly licensed hams to join us on the net at 6 am central Monday thru Saturday. Just good old Amateur Radio fellowship and ragchewing.


Arkansas Phone Network Net Manager"
Folks, lots of engineers are/were Ham radio operators, as well as a few deejays.  I have personally talked with and listened to some of these folks on the Ham bands and they operate some of the finest-sounding stations out there, even better than most AM broadcast stations, and that's saying something!
Engineers who worked for KAAY who are Hams (that I am aware of) are Don Payne and Felix McDonald.  Doug, a friend of mine, has deejay experience behind him and also operates a great-sounding, efficient station.
Thank you, Doug, for checking in!
Bud S., KC4HGH (

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