Tuesday, February 23, 2010

June Carter's Snowdrift Ad, More Jingles

Barry's done it again!  Here's a Snowdrift commercial aired on KAAY, linked to a sale at Weingarden's Grand Remodeling Sale in North Little Rock, AR...does anyone recognize this deejay?  Moreover, does anybody remember these prices?!?!?

June Carter's Snowdrift Ad:  stream  |  download

I must say, these bits of history shared make us all the richer...they could have faded to black, never heard again, except for the great spirit of those sharing them...my hat's off to all who donate them for all of us to enjoy, and to remember....

(Thanks to Dave S. & Barry Mac.)

(Dave M. identified the deejay as Mike McCormick/Barry Woods- thanks, Dave M.!)

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